Nintendo NES Classic Edition Stock Update: You Can Still Buy It On Amazon, Walmart And Target


Nintendo has officially discontinued the NES Classic Edition, and the demand naturally grew larger. Now that stocks of the console are in danger of running out anytime soon, fans who still haven’t got one are desperately waiting for their chance to buy one. But lucky ones should be able to get one from select Walmart and Target stores that still receive a number of units.

Walmart And Target Getting New Stocks Everyday

Not all branches simultaneously get a few Nintendo NES Classic, but daily, some stocks go to different Walmart and Target stores all around the country. Even GameStop sometimes receives supplies. The best way to know if a store near you has the goods is by setting up alerts from tracking websites such as iStockNow and BrickSeek.

These websites notify you when a Walmart, Target, or GameStop store updates their inventory of the NES Classic Edition. They also tell how many units are on hand, and it’s not unusual at all to see only two consoles in stock. Thus, when you receive a notification, it’s best to drop everything and run off to the store if you want to have a chance to get one. Even if you do that, there’s usually another buyer or two standing in line outside the shop before it even opens.

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As of this writing, iStockNow lists 50 Walmart stores in the U.S., two Target, and three GameStop outlets that have the console. You can set up notifications now to get alerted when the list is updated. If you want a couple of tips on how to snag an NES Classic, read more in a previous report by Inquisitr.

Get Your NES Classic Edition From Amazon

First things first – the NES Classic Edition that’s available on the website isn’t from Amazon itself, so you can expect the price to be much higher than the original tag of $60. But if you’re willing to spend more than thrice of that, then the online retailer is your best friend.

There are not that many independent sellers who are still selling the NES Classic unlike a month before. Right now, you can find one that is selling the console for $200 and above. It’s too pricey for a platform that can only play 30 retro games and comes with one controller, but if you don’t want to go through the hassle of waiting for stock updates and then driving for hours just to be the fourth in line when there’s only three in stock, you can splurge just to get it over with.

NES Classic And Switch Tops April Console Sales

Although the NES Classic Edition has been discontinued last month, it still outsold PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, VentureBeat reports. It’s likely that its discontinuation played a part on the buying frenzy on top of the low price that makes it perfect for gifting.

The console was second only to the Nintendo Switch, so you can tell it was a pretty good month for the gaming company. However, despite the obvious demand of the market, Nintendo is still having a hard time producing enough stocks.

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As Inquisitr previously reported, the Nintendo Switch is also facing shortages. Many who want to own one have no choice but to wait for stocks in their favorite store. Basically, it’s like the NES Classic Edition case all over again. Again, scalpers are taking advantage of the situation by selling overpriced units on Amazon or eBay. But if you’re patient enough, you can get one for its original price as it is not going anywhere anytime soon unlike the retro console.

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