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While a good number of tiny homes are built on what’s called "bumper pull" trailer, some are built on gooseneck or fifth-wheel trailers, which can accommodate an extra space right above the truck bed. These special trailers have some advantages over bumper pull trailers, most notably that it’s more stable and therefore safer to tow. Also, in the tiny house designs we’ve seen that use the gooseneck trailer, it allows for the elimination of those head-banger sleeping lofts that need an annoying ladder to get up to.

That’s the case with this lovely self-built design by Ken, an employee working over at MitchCraft, a tiny house builder located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Built in Maine prior to Ken moving it to Colorado, its 32-foot-long length features a curved roof, a large living room and an elevated bedroom that’s accessible by three steps.

Mitchcraft/via Mitchcraft/via Mitchcraft/via

Contrary to the narrow seating we often see in other tiny homes due to differing layouts, here we’ve got enough space to fit a futon sofa, recliner and a table.

Mitchcraft/via Mitchcraft/via

The kitchen has been pushed to one end opposite of the main door to make more room for the sitting area, and still has enough space for RV-rated propane appliances like a oven and stove, and a washer. The fridge isn’t a large one, but looks bigger than a mini-fridge.

Mitchcraft/via Mitchcraft/via

The bathroom has a shower and a composting toilet. I am not sure about that sink being wide enough for you to lean over the sink; it looks a little squished in there.

Mitchcraft/via Mitchcraft/via

The sleeping area looks restful and thanks to the curved roof, probably has more headspace than most tinys. There’s storage in the stairs leading up, and more clothes storage to the side.

Mitchcraft/via Mitchcraft/via Mitchcraft/via

It’s a refreshing space that feels like a cozy studio apartment (our only gripe: perhaps adding bigger windows). It is apparently for sale for USD $80,000 with everything included. For all the detailed specs, visit Facebook and MitchCraft.

[Via: Tiny House Talk]

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